Is my computer possessed or what?!

Hey everyone, I wanted to do a quick post today to talk a bit about some of the crazy stuff that’s been going on with my computer. If you’ve seen any of these errors, chances are good you have fixed them – which is wonderful! They can be such a pain in the neck and extremely upsetting if they happen, regardless of what you’re doing.

What causes these annoying errors?

After I kept getting similar errors on my computer, I had to do some research to see what was going on. Digging deeper, I found a handful of similar causes for many of the issues I was getting. They are:

  1. Actually having a virus – This is the absolute worst and usually requires tons of cleaning and fixing stuff, as well as re-formatting your computer.
  2. Corrupted file or files – This is frustrating too, but not nearly as bad as having a virus. Usually, this can be fixed by re-installing any of the files or programs that require those files.
  3. Moving or deleting a file – This is the most common and sometimes happens on accident. Fix this by replacing the file or re-installing it like mentioned above.

The good news is that most errors that show on your screen are related to #2 and #3 above – which are the easier to fix.

The Windows errors I was getting

The main errors I usually got were dwm.exe and spoolsv.exe. If you haven’t heard of these, they are both Microsoft Windows operating system files.

The dwm and spoolsv errors are directly related to stuff going on with system files. DWM is a process associated with the Desktop. In fact, if you have a lot of icons, folders, or junk on your desktop, it could cause errors with this process. Likewise, the Spoolsv process is responsible for the printer spooler and is usually related to HP hardware.

If you are getting these messages (or similar), it probably means the files are damaged:

  • The dwm.exe file is damaged and will close. Please restart the application.
  • The spoolsv.exe process cannot be started. Your system will be unable to print.

While those aren’t the only errors you can get, they are a good starting point and reference. To be safe, if you ever notice a system file (.exe) in an error message, look into it more deeply to check what’s going on.

How to remove these errors and stop them from happening in the future

If you’ve done any research online, you’ve seen tons of reviews for products. RegCure Pro is one of the registry programs you have probably seen ads for. Supposedly, it’s effective at keep your registry clean. I haven’t used it so I don’t know for sure, but I’ve done a lot of research and read mixed reviews about it.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, I would suggest reading this ParetoLogic RegCure Pro Review article. It’s comprehensive and complete with details about the software, how it works, and even has a video explaining the installation and execution process.

Hopefully this quick article helps you with your computer troubles. Also, I’m always looking for new programs to keep my computer running its best. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Basic Computer Tips & Tricks

Welcome to my blog! I am going to post information and tips about computers, computer errors, and anything else that I think can help you (like it has helped me).

While I’m getting everything ready, I really think you should check out this video about basic computer tips and tricks. It’s short and packed with great info!

If you have any questions or other tips you think I should post about, just let me know!